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Staff from the Accessibility Resource Center request disability-related documents from the appropriate licensed professionals to certify students as having a disability and to determine reasonable accommodations.Professionals providing documentation may not be family members.

Students are also responsible for identifying themselves and their needs to each instructor at the beginning of the term.The administration provides appropriate services, including: 1) support, counseling, and information, 2) academic assistance services, 3) advocacy services, and 4) physical assistance within the classroom. In general, University policy calls for reasonable accommodations to be made for students with disabilities on an individualized and flexible basis. The University prohibits and actively discourages discrimination against people with disabilities.It is the responsibility of students with disabilities, however, to seek available assistance at the University and to make their needs known. Toward this end, the University community will continue to develop training and resources to promote sensitivity and awareness of disability issues. The University is committed to providing equal access and reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.Any cost of obtaining additional documentation is also borne by the student.This information will help the Accessibility Resource Center provide appropriate academic accommodations and support services.

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Consultation with faculty, staff, and outside professionals regarding essential elements and reasonable accommodations will occur in situations that are new, complex or sensitive by permission of the students. The Accessibility Resource Center will outline the process for the provision of reasonable accommodations and will present this verbally and in writing to the students. Who is responsible for the provision of the accommodations; 2.10.b. The letters also invite faculty to contact the Accessibility Resource Center if there are concerns or questions about the accommodations.

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