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In this article, the author examines the problems that accompany accommodation and discusses a case assignment that teaches students to move beyond dichotomous thinking, considering the many intermediary positions and ideas that can be addressed in everyday workplace situations. Ryan, "The ethical implications of accommodating audiences: some lessons for engineers entering the workplace", International Professional Communication Conference, vol. Successful academic communication in medicine involves writers persuading readers of the correctness of their interpretations, diagnoses, and knowledge claims.But a change of audience brings a change of genre; science accommodations are primarily epideictic, celebrations of science, and shifts in wording between comparable statements in matched articles reveal changes made to conform to the two appeals of popularized science, the wonder and the application topoi.Science accommodations emphasize the uniqueness, rarity, originality of observations, removing hedges and qualifications and thus conferring greater certainty on the reported facts.

She has published articles and contributed chapters on rhetorical theory, argument, language analysis, the rhetoric of science, scientific accommodation, and Victorian fiction.As Fahnestock explains, this is surprisingly applicable when you are dealing with the portrayal of facts.There are three main categories that science is sorted in to with regards to persuasive speech: forensic, deliberative, and epideictic.This is particularly important since important findings can often times be passed up by the audience if they do not have an specific interest to begin with.Although, what I find most interesting is while Fahnestock describes these methods, she rarely applies this to her own writing given how dry and scientific based this article is.

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Current projects include a study of sixteenth-century dialectics, centering on Melanchthon’s , in pursuit of “a rhetorical history of science”; a comparative study of multi-genre arguments in scientific controversies; and a long-term project on the “rhetorical control” of novel imaging techniques in scientific arguments.

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