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It was a game that the Bandits all liked to play with all of the women of the settlement.After the token male of the settlement was beat up in front of everyone, the women were then bound and stripped before being taken into a random closed room in a random house before they all changed things around and a random Bandit went in to take further 'tribute' from those who were of adult age.If you have ideas and/or suggestions I will entertain them so long as they are within reason and within the boundaries of what I'm willing to write.Tags include, but are not limited to, and not necessarily in this order: non-consent, reluctance, science fiction, sci-fi, apocalypse, post-apocalyptic, slave, slaves, bdsm, dystopia, dystopic, bondage, abduction, forced sex, blackmail, ravishment, kidnapping, dominance, submission, capture, captive, captured, enslavement, fetish, milking, lactation, pet play, pony girl, punishment, gangbang, auction, hucow, auction, courtesan, stripper, dancing, threesomes, foursomes, group sex, double penetration, revenge, rescue, chasing, lesbian, bisexual, milf, mature, bdsm, shower sex, breeding, forced breeding, slut, misogyny, yadda, yadda, yadda, whatever, etc...Now that the fair warning is out of the way, on with the story. * PART 1: Carla and Dawn CHAPTER 1: The Decision The settlement had been kotowed to the Bandits again and it made Carla sick to her stomach.

That and the fact that the soap she favored had a scent that was made from said fruit. The enter button below will take you to Fuckalicious Heaven.More tits & ass than you could possibly ever conquer.Five months of this and the elders had yet to do anything about it.And just like every week before in that five months, Carla was blindfolded, stripped naked, and placed kneeling on a mattress in an empty room by herself with her hands tied behind her back.

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We fucking love to party, and I love whoring the slut out.

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