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It is not that we are fatter, it is that visual culture has changed and therefore transformed the type of women available within the spectrum of public eye.

Instead of the old school of thought where men and women excepted what they expected, the "others" feeling largely out of place with pop culture, there has been a sound backlash.

Would be telling those of us who date men that we should start tricking our fellas into sitting on broken chairs? Excuse my language, but I think that article is fucking bullshit and immature as hell. And lo and behold, we had an adult conversation about it, and decided together, as adults, that we would start exercising together and eating less and hold each other accountable.

Should we shame them into wearing swimsuits and then mock them once they do? I think this advice should go nowhere except into the misogynistic, immature, garbage heap. I don't think they realize how much those suggestions can backfire.

Here is the image from, "Playfully grab her love handles." The text predicts that when you grab a woman's "unwanted flab" she "recoils and feels embarrassment." Mission accomplished!

And this leads us to one of the problems (among many) that I have with this Top 10 list: It's so mean-spirited.

Get your finger out of your throat of other people's lives.(And yes, in my mind, that exists.) The people over at should start asking themselves why they are such assholes, instead of encouraging their readers to disrespect women even more than they do already. Women tells us bluntly to lose weight when we get pudgy; we should do the same to them. This mangina crap only comes into play if you have to depend on one woman to take care of your sexual needs. Some women get depressed and eat (which is what happened to me), so these "suggestions" can make them more depressed and eat more.To get your blood boiling and your comments flowing, here are a few choice comments from the article: Nyte Hawx says: Just be blunt: "B! If you have several women, you can just kick fatty to the curb. By being a fucking adult about it and being honest about it, both of you are more likely to succeed in your relationship.(Which is perfectly fine in a different context, obviously.) Another problem here, of course, is that this list targets women only, as if there are no readers who are in relationships with men that they'd like to see slim down a little.Would the advice be the same if it were directed toward men? I have experience with this, I've recently gained a lot of weight, and so has my boyfriend.

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