Automatically updating forefront client definitions

Confirm the database name is as you like – note that the FEP database name inherits the site code for the site. The options here allow configuration of the FEP reporting database settings along with pointing to the SSRS URL Configure as needed and click Next.Depending on the credentials being used you may get a warning popup.Simply run through the executable in each of the folders as shown. – This VBScript is used for two things – applying FEP policy to existing FEP clients or installing the FEP client software.Which action the script takes is determined by how the script is executed.\Remediation Scripts – is the location for the VBScript used for scanning and definition updating.– Depending on the command line supplied (–Scan Type 1, –Scan Type 2 or –Signature Update), this script is used to trigger a full or quick scan on FEP agents or to cause FEP agents to download the latest definition updates.The update rollup will be applied at the end of FEP installation.

Collections here also track whether the FEP agent has been locally removed, where the FEP agent is out of date and needing an update or systems where the FEP agent software could not be assigned which includes systems discovered but not installed with a Config Mgr client.Choose whether to use Microsoft Update to keep FEP up to date.Note that this option allows keeping the FEP Server components up to date – not the client components.The wizard steps from here may differ depending on which installation options are selected. These settings are automatically selected as a part of the wizard. If not either disable here or go back in the wizard to select other installation options.For this example, these choices are fine so click Next.

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