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If she wasn't weeping, it was only because she hadn't enough energy to squeeze out the tears. The programme took a sensible, calm, non-censorious line, making clear that breastfeeding had many advantages over formula from a bottle, without demonising mothers who, like Healey, hadn't felt capable of keeping it up. The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

No more amazing first dates, no more first kisses, no more hilarious bad-date stories.

I'm sure for some people it's worked wonders but this really didn't tickle my fancy. If it's a wet squid you will feel really annoyed at having spent the money. Boys might be the ones that often do the asking but it's just as scary for them. If you're online dating, be picky about who you actually go on a date with. You'll be in a relationship arguing about socks and bills quicker than you can say 'it's not you, it's me.' I love these shows, I wish I had made them myself.

Public transport This is less dodgy than it sounds. One on the Eurostar (yes he was a saucy Frenchman) and the other on the underground (the relationship was short and sweet, just like him). It's easy to run out of enthusiasm after the 10th bad date.

And there are now enough amazing success stories to convince anyone of it's effectiveness. Don't try and impress with white lies - better to find out if he likes the real you, right at the start. If you didn't like your date, let them know gently the next day.

However, online dating requires a close following of the dating rules (see below) but once I'd clocked onto these, I found it brilliant fun. There is just no way on earth I could tell if they were lovely or not in two minutes! You find out via an online form whether people liked you or not. Always practise good dating karma as one day it might be you on the receiving end! If a guy has the courage to ask you out - be kind!! The gold chain and silver tiger - where can I get it from?

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