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"code to upload your data into internal table *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Form F4_FILE_PROCESS *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* * --P_FILE_PATH text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* FORM f4_file_process USING p_file.

DATA : lv_dir TYPE string, lv_file TYPE string, lv_result(1) TYPE c. IF sy-subrc directory_exist EXPORTING directory = lv_dir RECEIVING result = lv_result EXCEPTIONS cntl_error = 1 error_no_gui = 2 wrong_parameter = 3 not_supported_by_gui = 4 OTHERS = 5. "lv_result is X if valid directory MESSAGE 'Invalid Directory' TYPE 'E'.

Take a look at this sample: validate excel sheet Granted, the sample code at the other end of the link is validating an excel sheet prior to inserting into an Sql data store. In addition, you do not have to write code to manage the collections.

Since I knew the numbers of columns, I thought about making a class that represents an cell on the Excel file and include a string property to hold an possibly error description, by making that it'd make it easy to display the error log.

Without those two additional lines from your second post, if I do not enter a valid input file at the first prompt, then the program will get stuck in that loop and repeatedly ask for a valid input file name, even after I enter one. As far as I can tell, it didn't make any difference.

Now will you please explain why I should never loop on eof(), despite the fact that I did it and got my program to work?

So I actually created 2 collections of my class that is called Basically that is what I have now. I see, this is the perfect type of thing to raise on codereview.

I haven't touch the XML file creation yet, but the reason why I've designed my code like this is that I can use the validation method to create the XML, instead of having to do another 96 is only mandatory if another cell is filled up. That's why I didn't make a single method to validate when the field is mandatory, because it depends on other things. there are other 95 collections like this one, I'm not sure whether separating my code using these collection is good design or not, also there's other 95 methods like Name Validation, one for each column in the file, and sometimes they share common validations sometimes not. Though if you want to show where you're being repetitive in the future, show at least 2 of whatever is repeating so it's clear what repetitions you want abstracted out.

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