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They have one child, daughter Catherine Rose Young, b. On July 20, 2010, Hines and Young filed papers for their divorce after nearly eight years of marriage.Upon discovering that her nephew was born with cerebral palsy, Hines contacted United Cerebral Palsy for answers and resources.Before getting her break in Hollywood, Hines worked as a waitress, television reporter, and telephone operator, as well as personal assistant to Rob Reiner, when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.Though Reiner did not play a critical role in her career, he would watch her shows when she began acting.Six years ago, she was arrested while trying to buy cocaine and crack on the Lower East Side, then avoided jail time by pleading guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct, paid a fine and agreed to attend a mere two half-day sessions in a drug-treatment program. Is there room for two sets of bathrooms in Williamsburg? A CNN correspondent called Israelis who she said were harassing her “scum.’’ Diana Magnay sent out this angry tweet after reporting on the Israeli-Hamas conflict: “Israelis on hill above Sderot cheer as bombs land on #gaza; threaten to ‘destroy our car if I say a word wrong.’ Scum.’’ It was later removed.One thing seems clear: Treating accused drug buyers like helpless sufferers of a “disease’’ only infantilizes them. Starbucks is set to open its first caffeine-slinging outpost in obnoxiously hipster-heavy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and The West, a coffee house located a block from the spot, has no problem with that. A CNN spokeswoman said Magnay was reassigned to Moscow.romanced Hines, according to a friend of Laurence Kirwan. could be called as a witness in the nasty divorce case. Mary Richardson, who suffered from depression and struggled with alcoholism, committed suicide at age 52, hanging herself in the barn of the Westchester County home she once shared with RFK Jr. She married him in 1994 and bore him four children. Others came from Palm Beach, Fla., Alaska, Aspen, Colo., Miami, Montreal, Cleveland and Pensacola, Fla. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, he told me.I had no clue what that had to do with her driving ability. was “loyal — or delusional’’ for defending an entitled dame who could have hurt or killed innocents, even herself, when she drove her SUV on a highway while zonked on the prescription sleeping pill Ambien and proceeded to smash the vehicle into a tractor-trailer truck.

She also starred as Dallas Royce on the ABC sitcom Suburgatory.

It was announced in July 2010 that Hines would be joining the cast of the new Nickelodeon films based on their series The Fairly Odd Parents, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner! She played Wanda, the main character's (Timmy's) godmother.

Hines married Paul Young, founder of the management firm Principato-Young, on December 30, 2002.

(Some of my friends call it the “booby prize” — or worse, the “Bobby prize.’’) She’s set to become the third wife of Robert F.

“Bobby” Kennedy Jr., the 60-year-old son of slain US Sen. Kennedy and his widow, Ethel, and nephew of slain President John F. The middle-aged pair is to exchange vows, The Post’s Page Six reported, in a ceremony at the Kennedy family compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., during an annual summer clan reunion.

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Over time, she became involved with UCP and has used her celebrity status to help elevate its visibility.

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