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Underneath all this, the software is, of course, Android 7 with HTC Sense baked on top of it.

Sense has always been one of my favourite overlays, and it remains one of the nicest versions of Android visually, and the only one that doesn’t immediately make me want to reach for a vanilla launcher such as Google Now or Nova.

HTC has struggled to keep up in the past few years, its phones veering from the gimmick-laden Ultra Pixel camera HTC One M8 to the mediocre M9, and settling on the solid but overpriced HTC 10.

Now the firm has gone full circle back to gimmicks again, adding a second screen to its HTC U Ultra flagship.

I was able to spend a little time with both the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play at this year's CES and I can definitely say that the company has delivered a great-looking phone.

It reminds me a little of the glass and metal look of some i Phone 7 models, but without the slight harshness that Apple’s designs sometimes seem to have.

Much like Apple's i Phone 7, HTC has done away with the humble 3.5mm audio port in both the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play.

Instead, there is a USB Type-C connection on the bottom of the device, which you'll need to use if you're planning on plugging in a set of headphones.

Both phones have micro SD slots for storage expansion up to a theoretical 2TB.Both phones in the series feature a new chassis design that the company describes as being made from "thin but durable liquid surface coloured glass".It’s an attractive look that changes subtly depending on the light – sometimes, it looks more glassy, other times more metal.We'll have more on that as and when details surface.A lot of what lifts the HTC U above the average high-end smartphone isn’t its design or that extra screen, but the ability to understand more about you and your needs.

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The 16-megapixel rear camera uses phase-detection autofocus and has optical image stabilisation.

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