Datewise dating violence

My favorite thing about myself is my ability to draw/paint and my love for the environment.I have learned to respect the environment and to do everything I can to keep it clean and healthy.Washington Green Schools provides a system of support for school communities to set and achieve sustainability goals.My favorite thing about myself is I am trustworthy and have good work ethic.I look up to my art teacher because she was a good example.I like how she showed us different types of art and how to create it.

He decided to turn his life around by joining Work Force Development Center and invited me so that I can have better opportunities in the future.My friends make me laugh the most because they're so funny and silly and they know how to make me laugh.I like that I'm outgoing, I am very shy but I also think I am outgoing and I think that is such an important thing because I'm not boring and I like to explore and go on adventures and find out new things and always make sure my friends and I are having a good time and try to reduce our stress with saying something silly or funny anything to make them laugh.She has shown me how to stand on my two feet and she has given me all the support in the world, she has made me the person I am today, she taught me to be kind to others and I think thats what I cherish the most because kindness is everything, not only be kind to people but to the earth and the animals.My mom supports me with all the ideas I have and she started recycling and watching out how much plastic she uses and making sure people dont litter and I think that has been a great change for her. Anything that shows happiness or kindness, I like to see happy animals being rescued and that makes me smile, I like to see small children being good to the earth and babies in general make me smile a lot because babies are so cute and pure and puppies.

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Throughout her entire life and through the struggles she has had to overcome she always stayed positive and kept her motivation without ever giving up on us or herself.

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