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To put it plainly, there appears to be catastrophic earthquakes happening right here in Night Vale that absolutely no one can feel. That...thing tried to follow me in here as I limped down the hall. I'm peering now under the walls, and seeing nothing.

Well, submit an insurance claim anyway, see what you can get, right? Now, police are issuing warnings about ghost cars out on the highways, those cars only visible in the distance, reaching unimaginable speeds, leaving destinations unknown for destinations more unknown. And what if I told you you could kill your imperfect self? I was able to outrun it, but I've had to use the deadbolt on the bathroom door to keep it out. It– [crashing sound] The door's come off its hinges! I'm standing now on the commode, and looking over the walls, and see nothing! Can you, one: call Animal Control, and two: take us now to the weath– What was that?

But, he says, they have done experiments, and the house is definitely not there.

No one responded because it's really hard to take him seriously in that headdress of his. Not the glowing sign of Arby's; something higher and beyond that. Carlos says that they've double-checked the monitors and they are in perfect working order. I had intern Jeremy patch me into the board so I can still broadcast.

The next time the sun rises, whatever time that turns out to be, take a moment to feel grateful for all the warmth, and light, and even, yes, extreme heat that our desert community is gifted with.

The city council would like to remind you about the Tiered Heavens, and the Hierarchy of Angels. Along those lines, to get personal for a moment, I think the best way to die would be swallowed by a giant snake.

Government agents from a vague, yet menacing, agency were in the back watching. I have been to these facilities myself recently on their invitation, and I can tell you that it is absolutely top of the line and beautiful.

Sturdy docking areas made from eco-friendly post-consumer material, a boardwalk for pedestrians, and plenty of stands ready for local food vendors and merchants to turn into a bustling public marketplace.

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