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However, I do get the most straight-up judgement from mono-normative women who assume that being a tiny minority of a tiny minority of a relationship style must be the Of course, to be fair, my dating life was mostly a disaster for the 20 years I was trying to cram myself into the hetero/mono box deemed “normal” before realizing who I was and what I wanted.

So maybe I can’t put it all on clueless bros and their fondness for worn-out lines, or grass-is-always-greener ladies who see my life as somehow uncomplicated and more interesting.

What I am, what I want, sounds simple enough to me: “I’m polyamorous — so I often have a few romantic relationships happening at a time that work a lot like friendships with an intimacy bonus.

I tack on ‘solo’ and call myself ‘solo poly’ because I’m not shopping for a roommate; I like my own space, freedom, and ridiculous work schedule.”I’ve only bothered defining myself so thoroughly because, frankly, it’s impolite to mislead people when it can be avoided.

I assumed this was normal; I didn’t have anyone to ask because everyone around me and everyone I saw in media, entertainment, and the history books seemed down with the standard plan, the usual goals: school (to whatever level) — buy house and have children. You took vacations with your neighbors and neighbors’ kids. Mile-markers in the rearview mirror grew smaller through my late twenties and early thirties.

People weren’t even relieved that I didn’t settle down and stay with my abusive ex.

But ask anyone who’s into something others deem unconventional — even people who are largely fulfilled by that kink or love or activity or hobby — and they’ll tell you they spent (okay, I’m not really sure how other people end up with a particular relationship style.

(I’m loathe to call poly my “identity,” because it feels like co-opting the queer community, and I’m not queer.) All I know is that even though it took me until I was 33 to work through the “Oh, Katie, it’s so good to see you!

If I know that won’t be me, potential partners should understand and have a chance to consent to that limitation. The frequent reading between the lines and solicitations passed off as clarifications don’t necessarily bother me anymore, but they can get old (which is why I mostly stick to online dating, so we can get through that before the date).

That, or they look at you and see an opening to a two-dimensional, personal fantasy they would never propose to an at dating.

So when the only adult relationship I’d had finally finished disintegrating, I bought myself subscriptions to every dating site as a belated 30th birthday present. How to explain this to someone whose natural state was usually “girlfriend”? A ticket is only a dollar, but if you play every day, soon you’ve wasted thousands.

As though nothing was happening to me because I wasn’t partnered.

One day I found myself thinking about children for a split second longer than normal.

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When I am ordered to give something like an impromptu Power Point on “what that means,” the owners of the raised eyebrows are inevitably sorry they asked, as the confusing addition of “solo” requires its own entire presentation.

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