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On this page, you will find suggestions for speaking exercises ranging from simpler more controlled interactions to wider-ranging free-speaking activities. Also available as an A4 sized book to keep in your bag. A mingling activity in which students locate the person on their sheet and engage them in short conversations. Well suited to the first lesson with a more advanced class.

In this mingling activity, students trade opinions cards with their classmates.

The police force in London reported 3,900 people being scammed online in 2016. A senior police officer described the damage the scams do to victims.

He said: "These crimes destroy lives and the emotional damage often far outweighs the financial loss. He said: "Never give money to people you meet online, no matter what emotional sob story the person uses." He added that to be safe, people should always be on their guard when communicating with a stranger online.

Each member should have a turn at saying a tongue twister.

Tongue Twister Race Another ideas it to have a tongue twister race.

First lesson: interview another student Students brainstorm topics and questions before interviewing their partner and reporting back to class.

Ask the expert In this speed-dating like speaking activity, students interview each other about their hobbies and interests.

One of the most effective ways to learn English by listening is to take advantage of Drew’s A Ride to the Airport Ordering Food in a Restaurant Doctor and Patient Coversation Buying a Car Cleaning the House Working out and Exercise Talking about Likes and Dislikes A Birthday Party A Job Interview A Birthday Party Conversation with the Dentist Describing People Embarrassment Emotions Clothing and Shopping Cooking Dating Hanging Out Eating Terms Future Tense Script for Future Tense Listening Lesson Past Tense How to use these exercises: Read over the vocabulary terms first. Listen to the audio exercise and answer the questions that follow.

After the students are more familiar with the tongue twisters, you can have them do a race.

There is a new scam on the Internet for those looking for love.

The world in 20 years: future predictions Students use simple future to speculate about developments in different fields.

Show and tell Students bring in an object that has some meaning to them.

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