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If spore-bearing pustules are present on affected areas, they are a definite indication of quince rust.

Badly damaged specimens are nearly always distorted at the blossom end, they may have only a few poorly developed seeds or none at all, and the flesh underlying the green areas is somewhat streaked or blotched with brown.

These fruits can be severely damaged by rattling around in the boxes.

Upon thawing, however, the fruits will regain their original volume, unless freezing was prolonged and there was serious moisture loss because of low relative humidity.

If freezing injury is absent in the outer parts of the load, there should be no transit freezing elsewhere in the car.

Fruits that have been subjected to somewhat lower temperatures may exhibit no external symptoms, although they may be injured internally.A crosswise cut through the middle of an apple reveals 10 small dots, the main vascular bundles, located about midway between the center and the outside of the fruit.These, along with the numerous, less conspicuous, thread-like strands that ramify throughout the flesh, constitute the main food-and-water-conducting system of the fruit, which had been connected with a similar system in the twigs and branches when the fruit was on the tree.The amount of the surface affected and the intensity of the persistent greening varies.Affected areas are occasionally so flattened and so dark green that they resemble quince rust spots, but any discoloration of internal tissues would not extend as deeply into the core tissues as that of quince rust.

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