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Δευ - » Nuvicam - Παρουσίαση από piato Σαβ - » Οι Εξελιξεις Απο Την Geodata Για Τον Auto Drive Hellasαπό D_G Πεμ - » Η Λυση Στο Προβλημα Των "Περιεργων" Δρομολογησεων Του Ευρωπαικου Χαρτη Μετα Απο Παρεμβαση Του Χρηστηαπό piato Σαβ - » Αλλαγη Του Θεματος Προβολης Χαρτη (kmtf)από piato Τετ - » Ποιά συσκευή Garmin?I recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi 350 to replace an older Garmin 2620. Unless the exchange rate changed wildly since the last time I looked, these are either too cheap to be real, or perhaps they are refurbs.. He told me this after some guy sold him a electric razor in the Canadian Tire Parking lot for 15 bucks ( circa 77).Corrected to slightly increase the time before a loss of external power is determined to avoid false external power lost messages.Corrected the eco Challenge score to no longer display in bicycle mode.

Corrected issue that could cause unit to remain stuck on copyright screen.Corrected the unit converter so it will no longer allow multiple decimal points.Corrected incorrect handling of percent functions on the calculator.Corrected issue that could cause unexpected shutdown when satellite reception is temporarily lost.Changes made from version 4.10 to 4.20: Added support for Luxembourg and Netherlands traffic and safety cameras. Changes made from version 4.00 to 4.10: Added support for the eco Route HD accessory.

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Fixed an error that caused the device to shut down when using highly-detailed user-created maps. Changes made from version 5.80 to 5.90: Fixed a bug that caused traffic data to not appear on the map.

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