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Hundreds of soldiers and rescue personnel had been deployed to the Jiuzhaigou area, along with hundreds of vehicles, and dozens of sniffer dogs and devices used to detect life underneath rubble.A stream of empty tour buses bearing the sign "Emergency Rescue Vehicle" made their way across the highway toward the disaster zone Wednesday afternoon.Rising from the ambiguity are a thousand legends and interpretations, each projecting onto her a tale of their own, in books and films, now even on Twitter and Facebook.Margaretha Zelle Mac Leod, a middle-class Dutch divorcée from Leeuwarden, died, but Mata Hari, femme fatale and exotic dancer, has become eternal.Xinhua said at least five of the deaths occurred there, and that more than 30,000 people had been evacuated from Jiuzhaigou alone."Nearly all the tourists are being evacuated," a Jiuzhaigou tour company worker who gave only her surname, Yan, told AFP by phone."We slept overnight in tour buses and have been staying in the open ground.Landslides are pretty bad, rocks keep falling down."China's official earthquake monitoring agency said more than 1,000 aftershocks had been detected, the most powerful reaching magnitude 4.8 on Wednesday morning.

When she was 13, her fairly successful father declared bankruptcy and abandoned the family, her mother suffered a breakdown, and Margaretha was left to care for three younger siblings. According to , the latest Mata Hari biography by British archivist Mary W.

The family was transferred to North Sumatra, and within a month, the children fell ill, and the boy died, at age 2.

Mac Leod raged; she stayed out of his way, and learned new dances.

The Red Cross Society of China said it was sending emergency specialists and volunteers, while Save the Children was also mobilising teams.

PARIS—Her name lives on a century after they stood her in front of a firing squad on Oct.

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