Meboo flirt adault

He’s studying Ancient History at Ladylake university, he’s hopelessly pining after his best friend, and he’s constantly avoiding the media attention that comes with being the grandson of the city’s wealthiest tycoon.Then he gets superpowers, and everything becomes a whole lot more complicated.He sets out on a journey with his constant companion to recover what was lost, and make new memories along the way.

Mikleo never says a word to Sorey about the ancient history in his blood.

One was raised to be a savior, the other cursed to be a destroyer.

In order to protect the world once more Michael took an oath, one that would give his nephew the power needed to slay the hellions and act as the only barrier between Maotelus and the seal.

This human becomes his precious important person who he wishes to cherish, but there are other causes preventing this person to be safe and live a normal life.

He knows it's his fault, but he can't find himself to leave the stupid human. Sorey is just trying to live his life like any other teenager.

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