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I am so embarresed that they used me the way they did and I just found out today after months of being on that site.

So many women kept emailing me after I paid for the three day membership just to check it out.

Just click on the button below that says “click here to submit your own review” to submit you review. After the first day I started to noticed just a few things out of place. Lucky they only got me fore the 3 day trial membership.

There are websites for farmers, Christians, and even dog lovers. All you need is access to internet and a good profile. More Options In person, you are limited to a select few people dependent on your location.

I wont get my money back because they are assholes.

sorry for the swear word but that is how i feel!!!!

When you go online, you can view the profiles of many people all at once.

Within hours, you can search through a list of all the people available in your area. As previously mentioned, you can find someone with the exact specifications you desire.

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