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So long POFyou guys are idiots but its okay i used to be one too ..first off you have to understand that these girls get almost 1000 messages a week , mostly from losers one thing i learned about girls is that they love mystery and hate a guy writing all about them even though it seems like that trust me girls are idiots to and confusing they have no idea what the hell they want one thing for sure is they hate when you say hi, hey , your profile should be funny and witty , your pictures should be clear and nice no ab pics unless you have like a model body trust me girls love uniforms or a active guy or traveling.Okay the first time that I've join this site I was anticipating to find somebody to meet.I started by filling out the hour long form carefully so that my chance would increase "230%"!!!So one day I played around with the site and stumbled on the sent message panel and saw a list of "read" "read delete" "unread delete" and I was trying to figure out what that mean, so I messaged one girl that was online and it said "unread" for the first 20 minutes, then it said "read delete" sonofa....

My opinion of POF: it sucks ass if you aren't some hot looking guy.

Thanks for reading, just had to let my opinion out. Nah, some people post on the forums genuinely trying to help. Well, maybe it's 'cause I'm an older fella, but I never thougt that POF or any other dating venue owed me a woman. Perhaps somebody can sue this site for not providing them with a hot model type with money. When you think about it, it's largely comprised of people that have active profiles for years and their "advice" is nothing more than sarcastic acidic garbage, and the ones that honestly try to help get buried under mountains of snide comments. Many of the ladies will say on their profiles "if you like what you see, just message me" or "if you have a question, just ask."So I do, and then I get virtually no response.

There's guys and girls here that hve been here a while, gained some experience and try sharing that in a constructive manner. I find that the maker of POF is to controlling and the site I signed up for and paid for 3 months is not the same site. It's like asking car advice from someone who's never seen a car before. Just recently I've been able to get one woman to actually engage me in conversation. I can't speak for every female on this site but I'm speaking as a female on this site.

I believe that the site is very easy to use and navigate.

I have been on it for about 4 month's and have met 3 nice men, but I must say that I have found there are a lot of men who are after only one thing, added to this as one gent said initially I was messaging men but not getting the cutasey of a reply.

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At that point I've must of messaged about 15-16 girls, but I didn't yet notice the "sent message" panel. I know that's a sign of "not interested" because I spent 20 minutes writing them a message.

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