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All have a drawstring waist and one flounce at the bottom. The hoop diameter is variable by adjusting the boning inside the cover. Length is waist to ankle, (Child's Hoop is waist to knee). Dig into those prized reproduction fabrics and enjoy mixing and matching blocks to make your own tribute quilt.

This hoop is the same size and not as supportive as the six bone hoop below. The actual circumfrence of our Six Bone Hoop with ruffles is 160" Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler - 50 Quilt Blocks with Stories from History, by Barbara Brackman This remarkable book features fifty quilt blocks to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

were comprised of all “colored men.” Some were former members of the United States Colored Troops who fought during the Civil War and there were others who volunteered.

They were sent to the expanding Western frontier to protect European Americans, and to help settle the Wild West.

Side one highlights the 150 Anniversary, 1866-2016, U. Army and side two highlights an American flag, cross sabers with Troop 10H, Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit spelled out around the edge of the coin.

All hoops are cotton covered steel boning (Some have Plastic Boning, depending on the maker) and a full cotton shell covering. If your seamstress says you need a five bone hoop, please select the six bone hoop. Many of these blocks weren’t designed until the 1930s, but Barbara selected each one for the unique symbolism its name lends to recounting stories of the war during the mid-1800s.

We have recently expanded our group and this existing insurance policy to reenactors and historical performers interested in encouraging safety at events.

Today the Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit (BSMCU) is a group of living history educators based in Southern California.

We wanted an easy place to find reliable insurance and to form a group of individuals that want to preserve and protect history and its reenactment. To mark the occasion the BSMCU has joined forces with 10H Outfitters to create a commemorative challenge coin that celebrates and honors these brave soldiers who served their country with honor, valor and courage.

10H Outfitters and the BSMCU admire their contributions and are proud to carry-on their lasting legacy of courage, service, and honor.

We are a group of historical soldiers based in the Shropshire area.

We train weekly to fight using weapons and armour of the medieval ages.

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