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Once the SMS Cams feature is integrated into your site, cam models and end-users are provided an opportunity for non-stop entertainment through directly exchanging SMS.

The paddock trials also focussed specifically on comparing the performance of alternative sulphur (S) fertiliser products in respect to their soil retention properties, plant availability and pasture response.Cam models will install the SMS Cams App on their end, while registered end-users will be required to acquire credits to initiate communication with the models.Each model will be assigned with a virtual number, thereby enabling receiving and responding to multiple messages.Upon completing the form, you will be notified if the payment is successful.Credits will now be available for you to use and thus, you may now exchange messages with the cam models via your mobile phone.

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The Project aimed to encourage producers to use soil test information recorded over several years combined with the P-Tool methodology to be able to benchmark their soil nutrient status on a paddock scale and then set nutrient targets based on stocking rate goals.

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