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In the "Gypsy" video, the 33-year-old Colombian singer and the 23-year-old Spanish athlete roll around, hold hands, embraces, and look smoldering. Shakira is quasi-engaged to Antonio de la Rua, the son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rúa.

While she is reluctant to wed, they have been together nine years and, she says, have been totally monogamous. Nadal, meanwhile, is dating his high school sweetheart, Maria Francisca Perello, and his rep denied a romantic relationship between the "good friends." Friends may be all they are, but Shakira has still seen Rafael Nadal shirtless up close and in the flesh.

Geesh people, can't a woman make a sexy music video these days without being subjected to the Spanish inquisition? In August of 2010, Shakira was snapped exiting the same Barcelona hotel as popular Spanish football star Gerard Pique, who apparently was not registered for a room.

Local tabloids reported that the duo had spent two nights together, though at the time, both were engaged to be married to other people.

A steamy appearance by tennis champion Rafael Nadal in a new music video by Shakira has sparked rumors that the hotties may be more than just friends.

It looks like that's all we're talking about, though: rumors.

Rafa has been with his high school sweetheart Maria Francisca Perello for five years and the two seem to still be going strong.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Abraham Khan issued his ruling on Thursday that Antonio would not be paid anything, despite his claim that he was instrumental in Shakira's rise to superstardom and helped her crossover from the Latin music market.

Antonio, who is an Argentinian lawyer, had been overseeing Shakira's career interests until the singer abruptly ended their business partnership in October 2011, ten months after the couple went their separate ways.

When [Spain] won the world cup in 2010, it was a pretty good moment too.

But in 2015, I have two kids, and I'm really enjoying them.

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