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The dissatisfied buck is polishing his antlers in a hedge when they get caught (50). The latter include a frame around each page, an introductory illustration for each fable and an endpiece for every fable.

Now I would add "The Lion and the Ass Hunting" (9), SS (73), and DLS (167). Like the third edition, this has a beautifully colored cover. Y." I presume, then, that this is the American first edition, done by John Lane in New York, whereas that was the first edition, printed in Great Britain. .09 from Librairie L'Alliance, Toulon, France, through abe, March, '04.In fact, Mora always substitutes animals for humans. Thus it is a puma who receives a horse's kick (18); his jaw swells up so greatly that it is mistaken for mumps, and he has to miss a lawn party for which he has had a date with Miss Reynard! I am surprised that neither I nor Bodemann had heard of this edition.For the first time, I see made into a fable the episode from the life of Aesop on drinking up the ocean (34). Some searching on the web found a copy with binding similar to ours selling for 120.It has not one but two Jesuit seals on its title-page. Some of the most interesting books in this collection are discards from old Jesuit schools and seminaries! My favorites here are the first few ("The Fable of How Uncle Brewster was Too Shifty for the Tempter," "The Fable of the Grass Widow and the Mesmeree and the Six Dollars," and "The Fable of the Honest Money-Maker and the Partner of His Joys, Such as They Were") and the last ("The Fable of the Author Who was Sorry for What He Did to Willie"). CP has a good moral that is new to me: "Little and often does the trick" (46).One is from the school at Veruela, though another inside the book says that it is from the "Biblioteca de la Casa," presumably the Jesuits' library. The first edition was first sold by Purnell in Sacramento.1900 Muthon Aisopeion Ekloge (Greek): Choix de Fables d'sope: Texte Grec suivi d'un lexique. Tours: Livres Classiques a l'usages des Collges: Maison Alfred Mame et Fils. Twelve years ago I found Book Three of this series in Knoxville. Now I have found Book Two in an antiques collective outside Omaha. Instead of a MM, we have a squirrel upsetting her basket of nuts from a log when she kicks up her heels (48).

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  1. Postings such as: "I want a man who can look after me and knows how to treat a woman. I'm surprised and unsettled by the forward tone of some of the material. Determined to avoid the connotations, I reply: "The Beatles." I never hear from her again.

  2. Roberts ], Joanna Kirkland [ Nicola Fallon ], Simon Molloy [ Mr. Fallon ], Robert Hamilton [ Jim Livingstone ], Anny Tobin [ Cath Livingstone ], Keeley Forsyth [ Rachel Livingstone ], Marshall Lancaster [ Ryan Livingstone ], Judi Lamb [ Debbie Prewitt ], Stuart Organ [ Tom Prewitt ], Eamon Boland [ Alan Metcalfe ], Victoria Gould [ Lizzie Coombes ], Garry Cooper [ Dave Coombes ], Siobhan Burke [ Mel ] There's gossip about Nick Jordan & Karen Newburn, following Tina Seabrook telling Ray Sykes and Jasmine Hopkins that Nick is married to Karen.

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