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Weaver, University of Utah Sumerlin Criswell, University of Central Arkansas Whitney Thornton, Georgia Southern University Psychometric Support of the School Climate Measure in a Sample of Appalachian Youth – Shay Daily (West Virginia University) Assessing Disparity in Positive Outcomes among Service-Learning Participants – Eric Conrad (University of Alabama) Emerging themes to attain lower attrition rates in a web-based intervention – Matthew Moyer (SUNY Cortland) Bridging the Gap Between Perceptions and Reality: Perceptions of Homelessness vs. – Victoria Lambert (Coastal Carolina University) Effect of a mental health and a financial wellness intervention on level of self-determination and financial capability of youth and young adults with disabilities – Emma Staecker (Truman State University) Polio Eradication in Nigeria: Lessons for the Global Polio Eradication Program and other Vaccination Programs – Teminijesu Ige (University of Cincinnati) Combining Testimonials, Student Organizations, and Campus Resources to Stomp Out the Stigma of Mental Illness: A Panel Program Evaluation – Liliana Rojas-Guyler (University of Cincinnati) Invest Your Time with ESG and Invest in Your Future – Jodi Brookins-Fisher (Central Michigan University) Leadership Opportunities for the Chapter Sponsor: Preparing Future Health Educators through Eta Sigma Gamma Membership – Jodi Brookins-Fisher (Central Michigan University) The Importance of Cultural Competence in Pre-Professional Health Programs – Joanna De Marco (Cleveland State University) Raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco related products: Recommendations for collaboration and advocacy for ESG and SOPHE Chapters.

National Statistics of Homelessness in a Southeastern Coastal Community – Kerry Dittmeier (Coastal Carolina University) Health Equity: A case study of patient food insecurity in a Honduran community hospital – Brian Miller (Kent State University) Speed Dating, Instagram, and Yoga: Lessons Learned Using Innovative Strategies to Promote Healthy Relationships and Self Care Among College Students – Amanda Lynch (University of Cincinnati) Planning, Communicating, and Using Technology to Develop an Effective ESG Chapter: Lessons Learned from Gamma Eta – Amanda Lynch (University of Cincinnati) Multidisciplinary Endeavors: Working Together to Support Women Mothering While Experiencing Abuse – Kelly Bentley (University of Maine) Bringing Campus Representatives Together for Health Education: Lessons Learned from a Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion and Campus-Wide Education for Healthy Eating on a Budget – Amanda Lynch (University of Cincinnati) Eta Sigma Gamma’s 50th Anniversary: A Reflection on the Past and a Vision of the Future – Alan Sofalvi (SUNY Cortland) Raising the minimum age of sale on tobacco and tobacco-related products: Recommendations on collaboration and advocacy for Eta Sigma Gamma members and community partners.

Registration and Breakfast: Kistler Memorial Library (click here for campus map).

Attendees will sign up for their speed dates at registration.

Panelists: Karen Rile (Cleaver/fiction), Tim Fitts (Painted Bride Quarterly/fiction), Rae Pagliarulo (Hippocampus/nonfiction), and Katie Budris (Glassworks/poetry).

We know there is room for some of the messages in the traditional triangle, but in less formal essay calls, sometimes the message is more of a lessoned learned, more of a call for action in the self to inspire others, rather than a get up and donate, or rally the masses kind of call for action.

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Moderator: Gregory Frost - Breakout Session II: panels and workshops (Lawrence Hall) (click here for campus map).

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