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Bush or his policies at all; though "Viva Discordia" contains overt references to the Iraq War and the Bush administration, referring to the latter as "a bunch of mobsters looking for Osama"."Rob the Prez-O-Dent" was also featured as a playable track in Rock Band 2.

This was financed in part by a fundraising effort on project startup service Kickstarter; the band made their 00 pledge goal within a few days and ultimately raised 13 after a month.(In her pants) We all have insecurities So why not build your confidence on the insecurities of others (But you don't) Hey, she's gonna (banging sound) somebody (Give a damn) So why not you!The drunker you are, The easier it is to get laid, But the harder it is to (boing sound) You may have to picture what it is this month Whoever you been thinking of The girl at the Pizza Hut, Midgets, Nuns, Whatever little miss it was.You don't suppose That she never knows When she might show somebody?Now think of that before you go steady, Or maybe at your own wedding.

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