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He’s a classic unreliable narrator, so nearly every scene with him in it needs to be scrutinized. She finds out Romero’s only friend was a chubby guy (Mobley) and she finds a flyer for “the end of the world party” Darlene put on at the arcade after the hack.

Only once Elliot realizes what happened, he digs through his vomit, grabs the regurgitated pills, and reingests them. After an awkward dinner he drops a huge shit bomb on Angela. We learn Ray speaks to his wife every morning at breakfast, but she’s been dead for over five years. She watches TV shows in bed, unplugs her clocks so she can’t see what time it is, and tries to masturbate in a sex chat room all to help her finally get some sleep. Her lack of sleep is what makes her so driven, and will also lead to a crack in the case. He can’t stay awake forever, and he knows the minute he falls asleep Mr. The drugs have everything literally fuzzy around the edges, and though Elliot tries to convince us and himself that he has things under control, he does not. It’s hard to tell if he’s trying to seduce her, or groom her to take his place in E-Corp some day.When Dominique goes to the address, she finds out the arcade is linked to fsociety.Others may think of it primarily as a kind of "game" or a high-tech form of masturbation.It's not easy to categorize these perceptions or sort out their various psychological implications.

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