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I have access to post jacks via my father-in-law's work. I do have a pocket hole jig, if that's the best way to go. If you show a picture of both stories and the roofline we could get a better idea of what's supporting what.

Those wrought iron trellis's won't support much weight.

The main structure doesn't seem to depend on them at all. I think it's very unlikely that the overhanging roof is self supporting as it seems to be a large span.

More likely that the posts are holding some of the weight.

We could’ve bought cheaper boards for the rest of the project too – like basic whitewood – but I like working with pine because it’s noticeably smoother and straighter than the cheapest stuff.

Yes, they're carrying a bit of roof, but it looks like the attic just sits on top of the room below & doesn't overhang the porch.They're currently attached to the solid concrete porch with bolts at the bottom and screwed into wood above. The wood seems to be in very good condition, although it could use sanding & fresh paint.They don't have a lot of money to spend on repairs, so I've offered to do all the labor for them.Would that be adequate to replace the metal supports?Update: Based on discussion in the comments, as well as taking a closer look at the pictures I took in the spring, I don't believe the existing posts are structural.

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