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"You'll have to jump through a lot of hoops." "Why? They met in her office on Wilshire boulevard and explained the situation to her. "I'm afraid that's how the system works, since you came late into the picture." "What can we do to convince the social workers that we are fit to take care of Hugh? The door opened, and the aunt, named Sarah, opened smiled and welcomed them. " A few days later, the couple went to see the lawyer, a Cuban American woman, named Gloria Martinez who has short, black hair. First, the couple went to the Home Depot to get some paint. Stopping in front of the house, Charlie just sat there nervously. "Like your Dad said, you're still in time to make a difference in his life." "I don't know if I'm ready." Charlie worried. "You've got your dad to help you." Charlie opened the car door,"Let's go." Tentatively, he knocked on the door; Amita stood right next to him. ." "No thank you." Amita said as she and Charlie sat down. Legal Custody will stay with them during the transition period, where they'll be making sure the child is adjusting well to living with you." After leaving the lawyer's office, Charlie suggested, "Let's get stuff for his room." "Sure." Amita agreed. "I like it." "That's what you said about the other sample." "They're all fine." Amita insisted. "I hope so." Finally, with Amita at his side, drove to South Central Los Angeles. "Come to the living room." Eventually, a little boy, with the black, curly hair, and dark eyes came into the living room. Amita just looked at him, stunned."My sister told my mother that a Charles Eppes, a math professor, was the Hugh's father." the woman insisted. ""I'm not admitting anything." Charlie said, and looked at the boy, who had black, curly hair, and dark eyes."The Kid's name is Hugh." the woman said."What's going on? Alan followed suit."Uh..woman claims that the child next to her is mine and that she's the sister of an ex girlfriend." Charlie said nervously.

"That was some woman, claiming that Charlie was the father of her nephew! Don and Robin talked in the living room, while Alan cooked. "That was one of the most frightening experiences of my life! "We should consider enrolling Hugh in private school? They all sat in an ample room with a couch and a chair. "As I mentioned before, I like to speak with the parents or guardians of my younger patients," Christine began. 0990809809 Later that night, the couple talked in bed. "He knew just what to do." "He sure least it wasn't too serious," Charlie remarked. "We could get an apple slicer." "That's a great idea." The two talked a bit more about various things, and then eventually, the subject of Hugh's education came up. 0980 At Amita's behest, Charlie had the boy go to a psychologist, Dr. Soon, the couple was asked to see her themselves for a session. "One of them took her away, and some mean lady picked me up." "How was she mean? I don't think that this will work out." Charlie said, not looking at her"Why? The week after, they were interviewed by Sharon, the social worker assigned to Hugh. On they day before the social worker's visit, Amita, Charlie and Alan cleaned the house from top to bottom. "This place looks like a home from Architectural digest." Alan tiredly smiled. " "It's taken a bit, but we're progressing," Charlie said. TBC 53453535353 During one visit to see his mother, Hugh remarked, "A classmate's dad got outta jail early. "When people with guns came to our apartment." The boy looked away. "She wouldn't let me visit mom, or get my stuff." He looked out the window, and the ride to Burger king continued in silence. "She's probably a student or a colleague, which is it? Not going by the tone." She frowned."I've been thinking, ... " Anyway my mom needs me."Just then, His cell phone rang."Hello? 0909090 Some time passed, and Charlie, with Amita and his lawyer beside him, went to court to start the process of getting custody of the boy. Before the couple knew it, they were subject to interviews and home inspection. "Let alone someone else's." "I'm willing to take on the challenge and give that little boy a stable home life." Amita replied. "Look, he's my son, and we've shown you that we can provide a stable home life. Would you rather give him to strangers who only take him in to gain a little extra cash? "Fine with us." They set a date for the home inspection. "To make sure he did it right." "That's a good way to make sure he does well at school," the therapist approved. "Hugh's not a baby so that makes things a bit easier." "How are you two bonding with him? And then I have to apply for it." "Oh..." Hugh's disappointment could be heard and seen on his face.

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"Well, this way we can practice." Amita agreed "I still can't believe it," Charlie shook his head. There's so much to do." "One step at a time." Amita said. As I said before, I'd keep him, but I live in a bad neighborhood and just can't handle him.

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